Coming Home

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“if the ocean can calm itself

so can you.

we are both salt water

mixed with air”,

da Nayyirah Waheed.

Just a girl with no friends and an empty heart

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Phoebe, você quer ser minha amiga e se sentar comigo no recreio? Eu tenho pão de queijo. ♥

Is it a Crime?

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Feliz aniversário! ♥

Feliz dia 13

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Um beijo para você que faz aniversário na data mais sensacional do ano!

People in the News — Maya Angelou

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“One of the most poignant stories accompanies the recipe for caramel cake, which was Momma’s specialty. It was famous throughout Stamps for its rich texture. But the reason that caramel cake is special is special to Angelou is far more personal.

The story is from the time she did not speak, in the years after she was raped. While her muteness was pretty much accepted by the people in Stamps, there was a new teacher named Miss Williams in their elementary school who didn’t know Angelou. She demanded that Angelou speak, and when she did not, Miss Williams slapped her across the face. Momma, who almost always took a teacher’s side in any argument, came to her granddaughter’s defense.

She marched up to the school and slapped Miss Williams across the face. ‘Now, Sister, nobody has the right to hit nobody in the face,’ Momma told the teacher. ‘So I am wrong this time, but I’m teaching a lesson.’

That evening, Momma made a caramel cake, though she was silent about the reason. It was Uncle Willie who explained why. ‘This cake can’t pay you for being slapped in the face’, he said. ‘Momma made it just to tell you how much we love and how precious you are.”

trecho do breve People in the News: Maya Angelouda Gail Stewart, que me deixou com vontade de fazer parte do grupo das incríveis mulheres da família Johnson.

To Be Young, Gifted and Black

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Deus, que voz!